Three Tips for Wearing a Tie Clip

Ties are great accessories as they can bring out the best in your suit. However, the fact that they hang from your neck makes getting them dirty quite easy. It is quite common for ties to fall in tea or food during meal times. Luckily, you can get to avoid this with a tie clip by your side. The right tie clip choices will not only make maintaining your tie quite easy but also enhance the overall appeal of the tie. Here are three simple tips for wearing this accessory to get the most bang for your buck.

Pay attention to the size

Tie clips come in an array of sizes. The right clip should be smaller than the width of your tie or can sometimes be of the same size. No matter what your preferences might be, it is never an option to have one that falls outside of the necktie outline.


Where you position your tie clip is very crucial when you’re looking to achieve a decent yet stylish look. The recommended spot is usually at the centre of your shirt, preferably at the fourth button. Anything other than that is either too high or too low. Also, pairing a tie clip with a three-piece suit is redundant because the vest and the tie clip serve the same purpose fundamentally.


Grey and silver polished tie clips are a man’s first choice when he’s looking to play safe. Gold clips are also considered subtle but should be worn against darker hues such as navy blue and red. To achieve a bold look, you can choose patterned or novelty clips. Above all, you should consider the colour of the tie and other accessories in order to avoid having your attire looking like a mess. Match your tie clip polish to that of your cufflinks, buttons or watch and let your look speak for itself.

A tie clip might be a small accessory, but it adds an extra dash of class to a dapper ensemble. It adds character to your outfit and speaks volume about your personality. A tie clip, properly worn, is your ticket to functionality with a bonus of modern fashion and elegance.



Types of Formal Red Bow Ties

Bow ties are a big part of contemporary dressing. They are the perfect option in place of the traditional tie for an official event. Black bow ties are increasingly getting edged out by red bow ties for men looking to make a fashion statement in formal events. Before trying out this look, however, you need to understand the basics of bow ties. Here are the best types of bow ties to complete a formal look.

Butterfly Bow Ties

These are also referred to as ‘flare’ red bow ties. A butterfly bow tie is bound to make a fashion statement with its size. It is not, however, the ideal choice for every face shape. It matches perfectly with wide faces and shoulders and is the choice for those looking to make a statement. All bow ties larger than 3’’ are classified under butterfly bow ties.

Pointed Bow Ties

These are sometimes called diamond point bow ties. They have pointed ends and are asymmetrical when properly tied. A pointed bow tie is the classic ‘James Bond’ bow tie and is ideal for all men looking for versatility and sheer class. It is ideal for those with a narrow face and for those who love standing out.

Straight-End Bow Ties

These are also called batwing bow ties. They typically are not more than two inches wide and have a clean, symmetrical look when properly tied. Straight-end red bow ties are ideal for non-traditional wearers with narrow faces looking for a cool element. Though regarded less formal compared to the butterfly, they are still perfect for a black-tie event.

For a formal event, avoid red bow ties with busy prints as they might draw attention from your wardrobe. Solid colored ties are the ideal choice for most outfits. To make the best statement, avoid clip-on bow ties and always get a hand-tied one. For more information visit here.


Three reasons to wear a tie clip

Wearing a tie is one of the best ways to get noticed in an event or even a job interview. It makes you look classy and appealing. However, the appeal that you get from your tie will depend on a variety of things including the color, length, and decoration of your tie. For this reason, it is mandatory that pay attention to the nitty-gritty details of your tie. Also, using some extra tie accessories will aid in improving your looks. One of the best accessories to use is a tie clip. Here are three reasons to use a tie clip.

It acts as a decorative accessory

To be honest, when most people think about a man in a tie clip, they have the idea of a guy who lives a posh life. Additionally, it acts as signature wear for gentlemen. As if this isn’t enough, a good clip will go further into complementing and blending in with other suit accessories such as cufflinks.

It helps maintain the cleanliness of your tie

Have you ever had to deal with a food stain on your tie after a meal? In most cases, the stain results from the tie touching the table as you stand from your seat or even landing in your food. To avoid such a scenario, you ought to use a tie clip as it will hold your tie in place and make sure that the tie remains clean.

It will align your tie

It is typical for people t have shoulders that are of different lengths. If your right shoulder is higher than the left, your tie will fall towards the left. A tie clip will help maintain your tie at the right angle and thus making it aligned with your body.

It is the small things in your outfit that make a great difference. The last thing you need is to have your tie moving around aimlessly. Buy a tie clip and get to enjoy more than the above benefits. For more information check us.

Tips for wearing your cufflinks Toronto

Outstanding is the term that every person would like to be described with whenever they attend a party. As a result, you will typically find everyone wearing their best attire so as to stand out from the rest. Well, cufflinks Toronto can help you to stand out easily. However, in order to optimally utilize their visual appeal, you ought to wear them pretty well. Here are three tips on how to best wear cufflinks.

Wearing them to a black-tie event.

Black tie events are in most cases formal events. As a result, you ought to wear the cufflinks Toronto that are both formal and classic. A great color for such an event would be plain silver cufflinks or even rose gold ones depending on the type of suit that you are wearing. Just be sure to avoid overdecorated cufflinks as they will only ruin the vibe that your attire has to offer.

When in a white tie event.

When attending a white tie event, the level of formality of your attire ought to be heightened. Since most of these events come with their own and unique dressing code, be sure to choose cufflinks that do not break this code. One of the best color to use in such events are pearl white cufflinks as they both complement the color of your tie and suit.

When wearing the cufflinks to work.

The type of cufflinks that you opt to wear to work will significantly depend on the type of shirt that you are wearing. In case you are wearing a white shirt, you are at an advantage to try any color with your cufflinks Toronto as long as the color doesn’t overdo your looks. In case the shirt is colored, wear darker shaded cufflinks to complement the shirt’s color.

In the modern world, image is everything. The way people perceive you will determine the level to which you can get to be social. Use the above tips and get to stand out. For more information visit here.



Three Reasons why you should start wearing Ties and Pocket Squares

A tie is usually one of the most represent able accessories that you can ever wear with your suit. However, without some extra support from other statement pieces such as pocket squares, ties can tend to look quite dull and monotonous. A pocket square, as a result, is one of the few accessories that you ought to use with both your tie and bow tie. Here are three more reasons why you ought to wear one.

You will get to stand out.

In the modern world, ties have become a common accessory. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not intriguing accessories. Therefore, adding something unique to the appeal that your bow tie has will brighten up your overall look. As a result, the pocket square will help you stand out from the rest of your friends wearing ties.

You will unleash your Personality to the World.

People will usually judge you according to the clothes that you wear. A tie that is worn together with a pocket square is a great way to control how people perceive you. It creates a statement that you are bold enough to stand out from the rest of the tie wearers. Also, the colour that you choose to use can either portray you as a serious individual or a person who is flexible regarding lifestyle.

They are easy to use.

Unlike other accessories such as silk handkerchiefs, a pocket square is quite easy to get. It is both cheap and easy to use. Therefore, you will hardly have to hassle to create the visual appeal that you deserve. In case you would like less attention to yourself, a pocket square is also quite easy to remove from your attire.

Ties are excellent statement pieces. However, combining them with other accessories increases the effectiveness of the statement that they make. Try using a pocket square today and get to enjoy the above benefits. For more information check us.

What does your green Bow Tie say about you?

In a world where image is everything, the kind of attire that you dress in says a lot about your personality. More specifically, the type of bow tie that you wear is bound to say a lot concerning the kind of person that you are. Therefore, you will avoid a case of mistaken identity once you can portray your personality using different types of bow ties. For those who would like to wear a green bow tie, here are a few options that will help you do so.

Graphic Bow Ties.

Decorating your green bow tie with graphics is a sure way to portray your interests and personality without going off the track. In case you are a religious person, you can have your best parts of any religious book imprinted on your tie. Similarly, an ardent comic lover can wear a tie which has an imprint of their best comic characters. Consequently, you will let people know something about you without having to say anything.

Polka Dot Ties.

These types of ties will both boost your natural looks and give you a twist of personality. Polka dot green ties allow you to involuntarily portray personalities of being not only friendly but also light-hearted. People will hence feel at ease when it comes to approaching you.

Striped Bow Ties.

Most people consider these types of bow ties as a safe choice when faced with the selection of the different types of bow ties. By wearing such a tie, you are bound to create a lasting impression through the formal look that they add to your personality. Therefore, they are amongst the best options for formal wear.

Any green bow tie is bound to make you stand out. However, you should ensure that the bow tie that you wear makes you stand out in the desired manner. Using the above types of ties is one good way to start. For more information visit here.


A Proper Guide to Wearing Skinny Ties for First Timers

Taking cues from the styles of yesteryears, skinny ties are back in the fashion streets. Given the trending factor of this category of ties, questions arise on how to properly wear a skinny tie, how to tie it, where to buy them and even which are the appropriate occasions for skinny ties. Here is a guide on skinny ties for first timers.

1. Skinny ties for informal occasions.

Skinny ties are ideal for both casual and formal occasions. For a casual look, wear a colored shirt that is slim fit. The tie knot in the casual set up may be tightened or left to hang loose on the neck of the shirt. To complete the casual, sophisticated look, roll up the sleeves of your shirt for a modern appearance. Wearing a skinny tie to work is entirely dependent on your work environment.

2. Skinny ties for formal occasions.

To get the perfect look with your skinny tie on a formal occasion, ensure you wear it with a solid (particularly black) fitted shirt that has a small collar. Always stay away from box like suits, or over sized shirts. This is because the slimness of the skinny tie should be well coordinated with a properly fitting attire to create a cohesive look.

3. The proper fit of the skinny tie

Skinny ties are mainly available between 1.5 inches – to 2.5 inches. Going wider than that gives the wearer a more traditional look while going thinner gives a more retro look. When properly tied and fitted, a good skinny tie should fall slightly above the belt line. It should not extend more than one inch below the belt or three inches above the belt.

If worn correctly, skinny ties are a fashion statement for both formal and informal occasion for men of all ages. The secret lies in learning the basic of the fashion trend and doing it properly. For more information find out here.