A Guide to Properly Wear Men’s Skinny Ties

Men’s skinny ties are fashion accessories that first came into the picture in the 1960’s. These ties are very fashionable and although they are season specific, every man who loves to remain fashionable should have a few in their closets. Here are some pointers to help you wear your skinny tie properly.

The Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is the first major step in wearing a skinny tie. Everything depends on the occasion, what you will have on and how gutsy and adventurous your sense of fashion is. Silk is great when you are looking for a premium finish and feel. An alternative to silk is microfiber although this is more durable. If you are looking for a tie that is ideal for the summer casual look, you should go for cotton. Knit cotton can be an alternative especially if you want to make a fashion statement. In the winter, you can go with wool, which can always have a scholastic sophistication. Regardless of which men’s skinny ties you choose to go with, you will still need to determine how to wear it right.

Learn the Proper Way to Wear a Skinny Tie

Generally, the first approach in wearing skinny ties would be to determine the right fit to correspond with the cloths that you will have on. The suit and shirt that you will have on will largely determine what skinny tie you should wear. Slim cut suits are very ideal for skinny ties. The lapels of the suit must always be narrow and the shirt you wear must also contain slim collars. Another important consideration is how the tie will fit with your body. You should never let your body appear to overwhelm your attire and this also applies to your suit and tie. Also important is how the tie will fit with the occasion. Men’s skinny ties are more casual and forward ad can be worn to occasions that are relaxed. If you are attending an event that is casual in the summer, a skinny tie can be quite fitting.

Overall, your skinny tie should match with the entire ensemble and should not appear to stand out too much or stand alone. When you know how to wear a skinny tie, you will always look great in it. For more information find here.


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