Occasions When to Wear a Black Bow Tie

It can b very overwhelming and confusing for most people at times to determine what to wear and when to wear a particular clothing accessory. A good example is bow ties and while they are very cool, not many people know exactly when to wear them. Here is a guide to help you wear your black bow tie.

Weddings or Formal Occasions

If you are only beginning to put on a black bow tie, you can start out by wearing them during weddings or any other formal events. The tie can look very good on you especially if you wear it with one of your favorite suits. It is very likely that there will be a few other people wearing bow ties and this is good for you because it will make you feel at ease during the occasion. It’s time to step out confidently and enjoy the day. You can be sure that you will get a few compliments from the ladies.


Church or Religious Occasions

Religious occasions are one of the best times to have a black bow tie on. This is a wonderful opportunity to dress sharply and a bow tie will definitely light up your dressing. You can have the tie on with any attire that will complement it. A woolen V-neck sweater will work well. You can also wear the bow tie with a sports jacket or have it on with a plan shirt button up shirt. On other informal occasions, you can have the bow tie with jeans especially when you want to dress down a little. The wonderful thing about informal occasions is that there are no hard and fast rules and this is really a chance to experiment.

Wearing a bow tie can be a good opportunity for you to show off your personality and your sense of fashion. As long as you know how to dress with this type of tie, you can always take advantage of occasions to have it on. For more information check here.


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