What does your green Bow Tie say about you?

In a world where image is everything, the kind of attire that you dress in says a lot about your personality. More specifically, the type of bow tie that you wear is bound to say a lot concerning the kind of person that you are. Therefore, you will avoid a case of mistaken identity once you can portray your personality using different types of bow ties. For those who would like to wear a green bow tie, here are a few options that will help you do so.

Graphic Bow Ties.

Decorating your green bow tie with graphics is a sure way to portray your interests and personality without going off the track. In case you are a religious person, you can have your best parts of any religious book imprinted on your tie. Similarly, an ardent comic lover can wear a tie which has an imprint of their best comic characters. Consequently, you will let people know something about you without having to say anything.

Polka Dot Ties.

These types of ties will both boost your natural looks and give you a twist of personality. Polka dot green ties allow you to involuntarily portray personalities of being not only friendly but also light-hearted. People will hence feel at ease when it comes to approaching you.

Striped Bow Ties.

Most people consider these types of bow ties as a safe choice when faced with the selection of the different types of bow ties. By wearing such a tie, you are bound to create a lasting impression through the formal look that they add to your personality. Therefore, they are amongst the best options for formal wear.

Any green bow tie is bound to make you stand out. However, you should ensure that the bow tie that you wear makes you stand out in the desired manner. Using the above types of ties is one good way to start. For more information visit here.



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