Three Reasons why you should start wearing Ties and Pocket Squares

A tie is usually one of the most represent able accessories that you can ever wear with your suit. However, without some extra support from other statement pieces such as pocket squares, ties can tend to look quite dull and monotonous. A pocket square, as a result, is one of the few accessories that you ought to use with both your tie and bow tie. Here are three more reasons why you ought to wear one.

You will get to stand out.

In the modern world, ties have become a common accessory. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not intriguing accessories. Therefore, adding something unique to the appeal that your bow tie has will brighten up your overall look. As a result, the pocket square will help you stand out from the rest of your friends wearing ties.

You will unleash your Personality to the World.

People will usually judge you according to the clothes that you wear. A tie that is worn together with a pocket square is a great way to control how people perceive you. It creates a statement that you are bold enough to stand out from the rest of the tie wearers. Also, the colour that you choose to use can either portray you as a serious individual or a person who is flexible regarding lifestyle.

They are easy to use.

Unlike other accessories such as silk handkerchiefs, a pocket square is quite easy to get. It is both cheap and easy to use. Therefore, you will hardly have to hassle to create the visual appeal that you deserve. In case you would like less attention to yourself, a pocket square is also quite easy to remove from your attire.

Ties are excellent statement pieces. However, combining them with other accessories increases the effectiveness of the statement that they make. Try using a pocket square today and get to enjoy the above benefits. For more information check us.


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