Selecting a Proper Black Bow Tie for Formal Events

In the yester years, to be specific the sixties to mid-seventies, black bow tie was common for semi-formal functions. Ironically, since the mid-eighties to date, the same tie has changed to being worn in formal occasions. Due to the popularity in use, you need to be well aware of how to select a proper black bow tie.

1. Choosing the right style of neck wear

In the modern days, fashion designers insist on the need for a person to wear a black bow tie with the right neck ware. This means that, if you are a little stout, choose neck wear that will not suffocate you. You should also choose black plain bow ties that are small in size. This way, the size of your neck and head is not exaggerated by the accessory.

If you have a slimmer body size, you do not need to be very categorical on the size of the tie. If you have a small bodice, – head, you can choose a black bow tie that is slightly bigger, but not too big not to pronounce your head size.

2. Choosing the right accessories

A black bow tie goes very well with formal events and parties. However, you may also choose to wear it in an even that is slightly informal. With the casual look, you will need to accessorize carefully not to end up looking out of place. For instance, you can wear shiny cufflinks to create a shiny ambiance.The perfect choices include emerald and diamond cufflinks. Please note if your watch does not match your overall attire, leave it behind. The whole idea here is to accessorize your black bow tie to look elegant and sophisticated.

To complete a black bow tie look, ensure you wear a black shoe. Black bow ties coordinate your attire and achieve a perfect look for the day. For more information find here.


Choosing Bow Ties

Bow ties are an exclusive way of dressing for any formal occasion, as they are known to accompany an elegant dinner jacket or a stylish tuxedo suit. However, the number and variety of bow ties available in the market today is just overwhelming for anyone. For that reason, this article is designed to help you decide on which bow tie works best for you.

1. Color

The first thing to consider when purchasing a bow tie is the color. Black is the most common color, and it is the formal one as well. If you are selecting a bow tie for a classic dinner party or award ceremonies, then black is the way to go. There are still other colors such as pink and red. This works well with a white tuxedo suit and a white shirt for less formal occasions, where you also need to look elegant.

2. Material

The material of your bow tie is another determining factor of which one you should purchase. The most popular, and in that case the most expensive is silk and velvet. They not only look nice, but they are also feel nice to wear. For people who prefer less expensive but still trendy bow ties, polyester made bow ties will work well for them. If you are a frequent wearer ensure you go for the high quality and long lasting material.


3. Style

Thirdly, and lastly, the style of the bow tie should be considered when you are purchasing one. They are majorly two styles, the pre-tied and the one you tie yourself. For starters, tying a bow tie can be tricky, and you might, therefore, want the pre-tied. After getting used to them, then you can go for the one you tie yourself.

Bow ties are not only elegant, but they also give you a sense of class and style. They are a nice inexpensive way of dancing the night away in a less formal dinner party making you the highlight of the evening. For more information find out here.

Outstanding Black Bow Tie Designs

A bow tie speaks volumes regardless of the dress code adopted. This is a tie that will always have its shoulders high and seek to prove a point. It has been known to be a game changer and has brought spice to many dress codes. Simply stating it is the icing any cake needs. Most of those who have been using these ties have little knowledge about the work that goes into designing them. All they are interested in is getting an outstanding black bow tie that will speak volumes.


Designers have been seeking to get black bow tie designs that can speak volumes and so have users. This leaves a lot of work to be done for the goals to be achieved. Most of the designers have been leaving a mark with designs. Some are pioneers while others have come in the later years. The difference is not in the years they have been operating but in the quality of ties they have been providing. There are designers who have been in operation for a few months but are renowned for their creativity and outstanding bow ties.

Whether you are a designer or a fashion blogger, you will find the internet to be a very valuable resource. The internet has contributed immensely to the growth of many designers. Some will tell you that most of their designs have been sourced online. They may only need to tweak some features to make the ties look different and unique. The same goes for fashion bloggers. These professionals make use of the internet to improve their designs and accessorize their styles. A slight change in the black bow tie design such as the inclusion of a floral pattern is enough to change the entire outlook. This makes all the difference in fashion and designs. For more information check here.

Outsourcing Men’s Skinny Ties

Dressing men can be a real challenge. Many either ignore the fact that they should be decent all the time or simply do not value the time taken to get neat. The society has also been very lenient with men giving them the leeway to dress as they wish. The same cannot be said about women who find it hard to step out of the house without minding their dressing. Today, the trend of men minding less about their dressing is getting a new twist. This can be seen in the increased number of men’s skinny ties now coming to the market. More and more ties are now being introduced with varying styles and designs.


Come to think of men’s skinny ties. Who would have thought that one day skinny ties would be so fashionable? These are among the pieces that were never considered to be an essential piece but have now claimed their rightful place in most wardrobes. They are now among the pieces of clothing that will be given great consideration when selecting any attire for the day. It therefore becomes quite important to know what you will be going for when outsourcing these ties.

It is way better outsourcing men’s skinny ties than trying to design them. Well, it is true that you can design these ties yourself but you would need to be an expert to do so. Not many people can accomplish the tasks that come with designing these ties. It is thus better to outsource. It not only saves you a lot of time but also relieves you of the stress that comes with designing the ties. You will also be in a position to get high quality ties in bulk. No matter the number of ties you need, you can be sure that there will be more than you need in the market. For more information visit here.

Occasions When to Wear a Black Bow Tie

It can b very overwhelming and confusing for most people at times to determine what to wear and when to wear a particular clothing accessory. A good example is bow ties and while they are very cool, not many people know exactly when to wear them. Here is a guide to help you wear your black bow tie.

Weddings or Formal Occasions

If you are only beginning to put on a black bow tie, you can start out by wearing them during weddings or any other formal events. The tie can look very good on you especially if you wear it with one of your favorite suits. It is very likely that there will be a few other people wearing bow ties and this is good for you because it will make you feel at ease during the occasion. It’s time to step out confidently and enjoy the day. You can be sure that you will get a few compliments from the ladies.


Church or Religious Occasions

Religious occasions are one of the best times to have a black bow tie on. This is a wonderful opportunity to dress sharply and a bow tie will definitely light up your dressing. You can have the tie on with any attire that will complement it. A woolen V-neck sweater will work well. You can also wear the bow tie with a sports jacket or have it on with a plan shirt button up shirt. On other informal occasions, you can have the bow tie with jeans especially when you want to dress down a little. The wonderful thing about informal occasions is that there are no hard and fast rules and this is really a chance to experiment.

Wearing a bow tie can be a good opportunity for you to show off your personality and your sense of fashion. As long as you know how to dress with this type of tie, you can always take advantage of occasions to have it on. For more information check here.

A Guide to Properly Wear Men’s Skinny Ties

Men’s skinny ties are fashion accessories that first came into the picture in the 1960’s. These ties are very fashionable and although they are season specific, every man who loves to remain fashionable should have a few in their closets. Here are some pointers to help you wear your skinny tie properly.

The Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is the first major step in wearing a skinny tie. Everything depends on the occasion, what you will have on and how gutsy and adventurous your sense of fashion is. Silk is great when you are looking for a premium finish and feel. An alternative to silk is microfiber although this is more durable. If you are looking for a tie that is ideal for the summer casual look, you should go for cotton. Knit cotton can be an alternative especially if you want to make a fashion statement. In the winter, you can go with wool, which can always have a scholastic sophistication. Regardless of which men’s skinny ties you choose to go with, you will still need to determine how to wear it right.

Learn the Proper Way to Wear a Skinny Tie

Generally, the first approach in wearing skinny ties would be to determine the right fit to correspond with the cloths that you will have on. The suit and shirt that you will have on will largely determine what skinny tie you should wear. Slim cut suits are very ideal for skinny ties. The lapels of the suit must always be narrow and the shirt you wear must also contain slim collars. Another important consideration is how the tie will fit with your body. You should never let your body appear to overwhelm your attire and this also applies to your suit and tie. Also important is how the tie will fit with the occasion. Men’s skinny ties are more casual and forward ad can be worn to occasions that are relaxed. If you are attending an event that is casual in the summer, a skinny tie can be quite fitting.

Overall, your skinny tie should match with the entire ensemble and should not appear to stand out too much or stand alone. When you know how to wear a skinny tie, you will always look great in it. For more information find here.

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